Tim K. and Marnie C., Doncaster, Vic, Australia

It is an honour to see my artwork framed and displayed in this incredible home designed by the well known architects Pettitt and Sevitt.  Tim and Marnie have lovingly developed this space in line with the era in which it was built and it was a delight to visit.  Here you can see Tim sharing his knowledge about the history of the building with me.  An absolute joy to be in their space.  

Grant and Jane S., North Balwyn, Vic, Australia

Very generous collectors of my work, Grant and Jane have thirteen pieces of my work.  Twelve of my Fragments of a Memory were purchased at my 2018 solo exhibition 'Tassels and Fragments'.  These were then framed in Australian Oak by Fogelbergs Conservation Framers in Kyneton to create a modern fresh look.  The second photo is a commissioned drawing of Jane's late Grandmothers House in Ivanhoe, Melbourne.  

Jordan and Lauren B., Gisborne, Vic, Australia

Incredibly supportive of my art practice, Jordan and Lauren have both purchased my artwork.  Avid property developers, my art has featured in real estate brochures and signage which is a thrill.  It will be fascinating to see what their next project holds.  

large fragment drawing ink gouache paper helen fraser artist collector

Jessie Rigby, Gisborne, Vic, Australia

Popular and talented, Abstract painter Jessie is a real supporter of my practice and has purchased a number of my works.  Like me she believes in supporting other artists.  Here's a few photos of my art framed in her beautiful Macedon Ranges home.


Darriel J. and Maria B., Edithvale, Vic, Australia

Another couple who have made a real difference to my art practice are Darriel and Maria.  Darriel is a writer and artist and Maria an art therapist and artist.  They have followed my journey from the beginning and have been to every show I have had. Here are some of their works in their stunning Melbourne home.  There work has been framed by Fogelbergs Conservation Framers in Ballarat, Central Victoria.

Paula A., Geelong, Vic, Australia

An avid supporter, collector and family member, Paula has a great flair with decorating her home.  So it is always an honour to see my artwork in her space.  Her Fragments were framed by Carey's Picture Framing Gallery in Geelong and her Tassel drawing was framed by Fogelbergs Conservation Framers in Ballarat. In the first photo of her study, my work is on the right. On the left Wendy Pepyat's art is displayed.  She is a visionary artist from Townsville.

Bernadette Sierakowski, Hampton, Vic, Australia

"I'm absolutely loving Helen's inspirational artworks in my healing space."

Bernadette is a Yoga Teacher and owner of B Well Yoga.  She has four pieces of my artwork including my textile sculpture Balance which sat in her office for many years when she worked for the Victorian Institute of Sport.  She has said it reminded her to keep a balanced perspective in her life.  Here are a couple of photos of her beautiful loungeroom/yoga space.  The symbol to left in the top photo is her yoga business logo.

balance textile sculpture helen fraser artist

Mary Kelly, Gisborne and Daylesford, Vic, Australia

Mary is the owner of Patch n Quilt in Gisborne and the 320 Create craft retreat in Daylesford where I attended the Kaffe Fassett Quilt Design Workshop in February 2018.  She purchased two of my ink and gouache drawings for her Blue Room at the craft retreat.  I feel very privilaged to have her visitors viewing my work especially as they will be lovers of textiles like myself.  Mary is also very generous with her knowledge and has helped me grow as a budding textile designer. and

Doug and Rhonda K., Missoula, Montana, USA

On my 2018 to the USA we stayed with this wonderful couple in Missoula.  I worked on these three works during my stay and gifted them at the end of the visit.  It was a very special place to have a temporary studio with a view of the valley and deer roaming outside the window.  I will treasure these memories.  Doug and Rhonda have honoured my artwork in their stunning Montana home with these rustic frames which suit the decor beautifully.  I look forward to seeing them in person on my next visit! 


Jack H., Sydenham, Melbourne

Jack has been following my art journey since my first solo exhibition in 2013 and has been at all of my shows. He purchased one of my framed tassel drawings at Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine in 2018.  With a recent renovation underway, he decided to purchase another three to fill this large wall space in his loungeroom.  

And here I am posing in a closer shot of the tassels so you can see them more clearly.


Sarah L. - Temora, NSW

" I had it on the wall 5 minutes after it arrived.  I love it and I think it's perfect for the space.  Thank you!"

Sarah is one of my textile loving collectors. She has a long arm quilting business called Temora Quilter in Temora NSW so surrounds herself with stunning textiles all day!  She enjoys the textile focus of my work including Stitch Poetry. 

drawing framed sold ink paper collector nsw

This experimental ink on Zerkall Paper drawing has five small works floating on a matt board.  It is framed with a dark brown frame and perspex, making it easy to send interstate.  

drawing collector ink framed paper sold art australian nsw