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Helen Fraser is a visual artist and psychologist connecting the past to the present using symbols that can lead to healing and growth.  Fascinated by textiles, dreams and the relationship between the conscious and unconscious, Helen creates drawings, paintings, textiles and installations that explore history, memory, place and identity in ways that commemorate, memorialise, process and transform.

Her drawings and textiles have been featured in MindFood Magazine and Down Under Textiles and she has been interviewed by ABC Radio Bendigo and Canberra along with Joy FM.  Her quilt block from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights quilt project was projected onto the front of Old Parliament House during Enlighten Canberra Festival 2019 leading to an interest in public art. She has held six solo exhibitions with the last two in public galleries within Hume City Council, Melbourne.  She is sought out for regular speaking engagements.

Over the last six years she has developed a community called Yumi Olgeta: Crafting a More Inclusive Democracy with the descendants of Australia's slave trade of blackbirding.  She runs regular craft workshops to bring further recognition to this history.  The first quilt project will be donated the Museum of Australian Democracy in 2024.  The second quilt, which will be donated to City of Sydney in 2026, began in 2023 as part of the Australian South Sea Islander Recognition Day on 25th August.

Helen currently lives and works in the Macedon Ranges, Victoria, Australia. Her work is held in private and public collections in Australia, NZ, USA, Canada and Italy.  Her work can be purchased through regular solo and group shows, Radius Art Hepburn Springs in Victoria, Australia and her website and mailing list. Studio visits can be arranged by appointment.

5% of all profits from this business are donated to the Australian South Sea Islanders, Port Jackson, Sydney on an annual basis.  Helen is also a proud supporter of It's the Little Things Community in Melbourne. 

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Curriculum Vitae

Solo Exhibitions

2023                Under One Sky, Town Hall Broadmeadows Gallery, Broadmeadows.

2020                The Jefferson Grid, Hume Global Learning Centre Public Gallery, Sunbury.

2018                Tassels and Fragments, Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine

2017                Mountain Is Myself, Gallerysmith Project Space , North Melbourne

2017                Mummy, I’ve Lost my Teddy, Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor

2013                Footsteps Through the Forest, Exhibit Artist Space, Kyneton

Selected Group Exhibitions

2023                Connect Apart, Mt Macedon Gallery with Kaz Vanders Ceramics

2023                Connections, Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine includes Castlemaine Festival

2023                Out of the Racks, Radius Art, Hepburn Springs

2021                Radius Gallery, Hepburn Springs

2021                Compact, Alternating Current Art Space, Windsor, Melbourne

2021                Journey, Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine includes Castlemaine Festival

2019                Xmas Show, Falkner Gallery, Castlemaine

2019                Artistic Needles, Embroiderers Guild Annual Exhibition

2019                Crafting Resistance, Kingston Arts

2019                St Kevins Art Show, Melbourne

2019                Six Moments in Kingston Public Bus tour (part of Tal Fitzpatrick’s exhibit)

2018-20          UDHR Quilt Project Exhibition, Old Parliament House, Canberra

2018                Embroidery For All Seasons, Embroidery Guild of Vic, Bendigo Branch

2018                Small Works From a Big Place, Jumpleads, Central Victoria

2018                Follow the Thread, Living Arts Space, Bendigo

2018                Camberwell Art Show, Melbourne

2018                Collaberration with Danish Quapoor, Toowoomba Regional Art Gallery

2017                Annual Altered Book/Book Arts Exhibition, Marin MOCA, California

2017                Nasty Women Everywhere, Melbourne

2017                Nasty Women Art Exhibition, New York

2015                White Shoe Box Gallery, Castlemaine State Festival

2015                Art in the Streets, Bendigo

2014                Diversity, Black Anther Gallery, Woodend

2013                Imagine, Bakery Lane, Woodend 

2013                Picture This, Gasworks Art Park  

Public Installation


Hume City Council 22-23 Mural Program located at Tulsa Drive Reserve, Goonawarra, Sunbury.  Features artworks from Under One Sky Collection including Under One Sky and Rainbow.  Both paintings are now in private collections in Melbourne.


Tassel Ink Drawing titled ‘Exuberance’ used in ‘Site Echoes’, Movenpick Hotel, Hobart, Julie Stoneman and Futago 2020, Digital Print in Glass.                         


United Declaration of Human Rights Quilt Block (Article 4: Ban on Slavery) shown on the front of Old Parliament House in Canberra during the Enliven Canberra light show on Friday 8th March, 2019.                               


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‘Decolonise through Creative Practice: currently writing a book for RIT Press in Rochester, New York State about the ASSI Collaborative Quilt and my involvement with the Australian South Sea Islanders.  Due to be published 2023/4

Yumi Olgeta Embroidery and Applique Instruction Booklet in collaboration with the Australian South Sea Islanders Port Jackson. Funded by City of Sydney.

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Children of Sugar Slaves; Black and Resilient, Waskam Emelda Davis Masters Thesis (2020)

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Joy949 FM, Sunday Arts Magazine presented by David Hunt (The Art Hunter), Neil D’Vauz, Justin Porter and Eve Gilbert on Sunday 28th May at 4.10pm.

ABC Radio Canberra interview by Greg Bayliss on Saturday 17th August, 2019, 7.07am to discuss Craftivism and the Yumi Olgeta:Crafting a More Inclusive Democracy Workshop being held that afternoon at the Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House.  

ABC Central Victoria interview by Derek Guille with Sharon Seyd, Founder of Jumpleads and curator of Small Works From a Big Place travelling exhibition.  Topics included the exhibition and the importance of buying local art.  Thursday 22nd Nov, 2018, 6.40am.  


Contributor to Crista Cloutier’s podcast series for artists ‘The Working Artist: Step-by-Step Guide from Feather to Wings.  Interviewed via Skype on 11th June 2019. 

Panel Discussion

"Health, Art and Happiness"; Part of Marco Luccio's Exhibition Cuorosensa: A Reverse Archaeology at Fortyfive Downstairs 4-29 April 2023.  On Saturday 22nd April TV and Radio Host, David Hunt, The Art Hunter interviewed Marco Luccio - Artist, Guy Grossi - Chef, Ian Summers - Emergency Physician and Photographer, Helen Fraser - Artist, Psychologist and Psychotherapist about the positive impact of art in our lives.


Museum of Australian Democracy at Old Parliament House, Canberra, Australia

Epworth Hospital, Melbourne

Centre for Adult Education Library, Melbourne

Scotch College, Melbourne

Rob Dolan Winery, Melbourne

Imago Mundi – Luciano Benetton Collection, Italy

Private Collections in Australia, NZ, USA and Canada