Hume Exceloo Project
Hume Exceloo Project

I'm so excited to announce that my painting Under One Sky was selected to be placed onto an Exceloo Amenity Unit at Tulsa Reserve in Goonawarra, Sunbury as part of a new Hume City Council Project in 2023.  Feedback from Landscape Designer Gavin Menzies was taken into account with site allocation (there are 5 sites) to ensure my design matches the landscape features at the location.

aerial view of tulsa site exceloo project hume
The project is planned for completion around August - September 2023.


Recent Panel discussion hosted by The Art Hunter at Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery

marco luccio exhibition panel discussion health art happiness forty five downstairs gallery Sat April 22 2023

As part of Marco Luccio's current exhibition Cuorosensa: A Reverse Archaeology at Fortyfive Downstairs Gallery in Flinders Lane Melbourne I was part of panel discussing the positive impact of art on our lives.

panel discussion fortyfive downstairs marco luccio april 2023

The event was hosted by the incredible David Hunt, otherwise known as The Art Hunter.  Panelists included Marco Luccio - Artist, Guy Grossi - Chef, Neil Stonnel - Architect, Dr Ian Summers - Emergency Physician and Helen Fraser - Artist, Psychologist and Psychotherapist.

speaking engagement fortyfive downstairs marco luccio exhibition panel discussion

It was a pleasure to talk about how art has transformed and healed me and give examples to inspire the audience to start or keep creating.  

panel discussion marco luccio exhibition fortyfive downstairs guy grossi the art hunter

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Photo credit Robert Wagner Photography


Interview on Joy 94.9FM Sunday Arts Magazine


It was such a joy to be interviewed by David Hunt (The Art Hunter) and Eve Gilbert on the Sunday Arts Magazine.  They were very warm presenters and put me at ease quickly.  We discussed why I became an artist, the first signs this was what I was destined to do, the relationship between my role and artist and psychologist, the Under One Sky show and the role of art in healing.  They also promoted my Artist Talk on 3rd June held at the Town Hall Broadmeadows Gallery.  I recommend following their Sunday program at

 Current Group Show

group exhibition connections falkner gallery castlemaine

I have releasing six new framed drawings from my Tassel Collection for this group show as part of the Castlemaine Festival.  It has now been extended till August 2023.  Thanks to those of you who have visited and sent feedback!  Enjoy the show.

My new Charity!!!

I am very excited to announce that I have a new charity to support.  

It’s the Little Things Community is a charitable organisation that provides nutritious meals and acts of kindness to the vulnerable, displaced and disadvantaged in our community, including women escaping domestic violence, the homeless and those battling mental illness. In doing so, they also provide volunteers with an environment to improve their self-esteem, social interaction, and sense of purpose.  For more information go to www.itsthelittle and @itltcommunity.

As part of their first Trivia Night Silent Auction on March 18th, 2023 I  offered a Commissioned Art Package valued at $2750 (GST inclusive).  The lucky bidders were Amanda and Matt from Donvale, Melbourne. They wrote...

"We are thrilled to have you do this for us".


    Australian South Sea Islander Commemorative Quilt No 1

    ASSI Commemorative Quilt

    We are still accepting embroidered and appliqued motifs for the Commemorative Quilt that will be donated to the Museum of Australian Democracy in 2023.  They can be posted to Helen Fraser Artist, P O Box 36, Gisborne  3437. Thank you to all participants in the first project by the Yumi Olgeta: Crafting a More Inclusive Democracy collaboration. 

     We are currently working to finalise the first collaboration with Australian South Sea Islanders Port Jackson.  It will include three traditional weavings by the Napen Napen Cultural Women of Port Vila, Vanuatu, 40 embroidered conch shells for the border and at least 63 motifs for the centrepiece.  This is the first quilt project in the world to focus on Australia's Slave Trade history of blackbirding. 

    It has been a great honour to work closely with Waskam Emelda Davis and the Board of the Australian South Sea Islanders, Port Jackson in Sydney as well as the creative team of the Museum of Australian Democracy, Old Parliament House, Canberra.  Special thanks to the City of Sydney for their ongoing support of our collaboration and first project. 

    Instagram Page Hacked!

    On 20th January 2022 my Instagram page @helenfraserartist was hacked.  Unfortunately I have not been able to get it pulled down and it remains as @helenfraserartist_.  If you are following this account I recommend reporting the hackers to Instagram and unfollowing the page.

    I also recommend putting two-factor authentication on all of your social media accounts as added protection. I am already aware of two followers who have also been hacked from my old account, so please be wary.  I regret any inconvenience caused to those impacted by this experience.  My new Instagram account is @helenfraser_artist.