Artist Statement

I make art as as a symbolic act of healing a scarred earth and mending the fragments in my inner world.  Through my art making I express my quest for transformation and reconciliation on a personal and collective level.  I want my art and the process of creating to inspire a more democratic world where we can accept the different, destructive and vulnerable in ourselves and each other.  

My artworks are usually slow and meditative to create and some of them take hundreds of hours to complete.  This allows for a deep reflective process that gives space for me to listen to my deeper feelings and intuition.  Jewels of knowing often arise and guide the process, so it feels as if the work is making itself.  Working in this way provides an avenue to learn about myself and often reveals mysteries and wisdom that I cannot discover in other ways.

I see myself as a multidisciplinary artist who works in a series format.  I have a moment of inspiration and then take one to two years to recreate that moment in a body of work. For example, this year I was standing at my kitchen sink in the middle of the Pandemic during lockdown and the words "We are all under the same Australian sky" popped into my mind.  This gave meaning to the obsession I had developed with the acrylic paint colour Matisse Australian Sky Blue.  My current work explores how we are all connected even though we have experienced heart-wrenching separations and borders during the Pandemic.  

I love to create graphitint pencil drawings and add water to transform the image from dry to luscious.  I also enjoy combining gouache with ink to make small and large fragments of fabric reminiscent of lace knitting or weaving.  Textiles are either the subject as a metaphor for the human condition or I design and hand-stitch art quilts and embroideries which often later inform a new series of drawings in a circular fashion. I thread together my love of textiles, psychology, history, human rights, dreams and nature into a unique visual vocabulary that may offer a sense of quiet restoration or spiritual healing to the viewer or collector.