Drawing for 60th Birthday Celebrations of the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria

I recently completed this Ink and Gouache Drawing titled 'An Accumulation of Blessings' for the 2020 60th Birthday Celebrations of the Embroiderers Guild, Victoria.  Their collection team gave me permission to look through the first 21 items donated to their collection in 1960, the year the Guild began.  I selected No. 19, an exquisite set of 18th Century Chinese satin-stitched armbands featuring peonie roses and butterflies.  

The drawing features three butterflies that are stitching a matrix of Tassels using thread from the Chinese armbands.  At the bottom are a row of small tassels which represent the individual members of the Guild and their unique preference of stitch types and interests.  The butterflies represent the three founding members of the Guild who are stitching together tassels which symbolise Embroidery House (the large tassel) and the country branches which were built over time.

In the notes for exhibit No.19 in the Guild collection it stated that the combined symbols of butterfly and peonie rose means "an accumulation of blessings', hence the name of the work.  The drawing will soon be framed by Fogelbergs Conservation Framers in Kyneton and then donated to the Guild to raffle during their celebrations next year.  Special thanks to the Exhibition Team for their support and assistance and also to ex-president of Bendigo Branch, Jenny Campbell for her encouragement and feedback during the design process.  It has been an honour to complete this special project for the Guild.  I look forward to celebrating with them next year.

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