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This original artwork is made from woven linen strips machine stitched and backed with vintage organza.  I found this wire hanging on a fence near Temora in NSW.  I was drawing the fences to observe the lines and spotted a series of these wire offcuts that were placed on the top of the fence creating a type of glyph or language.  I started to wonder what the mark might mean, what is was trying to say.  

When developing my sixth solo exhibition The Jefferson Grid, it seemed ideal to add this found wire as a reference to farming and the use of land for agricultural purposes.  The name of the work is a reference to the families who lived in the Dust Bowl of the 1930's in mid-west USA who were displaced during a 10 drought. Approximately 250,000 fled to California in the hope of getting work and starting a new life.  

The work also includes a Vintage Doily and one Shisha Mirror.  The size of the work is 19 cm x 22 cm x 0.5cm.