Please Note: New Orders to be Shipped after 14th September, 2018.

Helen can provide the following services....

Wall Murals and Window Drawings

Is there a wall space in your home, office, store, restaurant, clinic or community that needs to be filled?  Work with Helen to design a custom drawing to add beauty and meaning to your environment.  Art makes a difference to how we feel, so why not make an impact with a wall mural or window drawing?  A quote can be provided based on the size of the space and the intricacy of the drawing.

$2500 - $5000 

Large Framed Custom Drawings

Using high quality paper (Huhnumuhle, Lanaquarelle, Fabriano) 300gsm, Helen will work with you on the size, colour and meaning of your artwork.  She will then create a custom piece that has personal meaning to you and makes your heart sing.

$1500 - $2500

Large Framed Original Artwork

Helen continually creates new artworks in her studio and releases these on a regular basis via this website and Instagram, stockists and exhibitions.  If there is something that you see here or elsewhere that you like, don't hesitate to contact Helen to discuss availability.  If it is already taken, she can arrange a commission drawing that is similar.  This size work is suitable as the 'hero' piece of a room or to fill an office or foyer.

$1500 - $2500

Medium Framed Custom Drawings

This size would suit a smaller room or could work well in a set of two or three similar works to create a larger piece.  If you have an area that you need to fill, feel free to contact Helen to discuss what might work for this space.  With a photo, she can help you match the framing to your decor or easy decorating solutions.

$800 - 1500

Medium Framed Original Artwork

Medium pieces are released regularly from Helen's studio to her website, Instagram, stockists and for exhibitions.  If you see something that you like, don't hesitate to contact her.  

$800 - $1500

Small Framed Custom Artwork

Small custom works can look very effective grouped together.  The options are endless.  Helen can work with you if you like her smaller works (ie Fragments) to create a series and look that works to meet your needs.  She also does regular commissions based on heirloom or loved textiles so that the final artwork holds the essence of the fabric and therefore has meaning to its owner. 

$500 - $800

Small Framed Original Artwork

Small sized works are regularly released via Helen's website, Instagram Wednesday Studio Sale #helenfraserstudiosale, stockists and at regular exhibitions.  See 'News' on this website for more detailed information.

$370 - $800

Small Unframed Original & Custom Artwork

If you would prefer to arrange framing yourself, you can purchase Helen's work unframed. She currently has unframed works available in exhibition, on this site, on Instagram and at High Street Beauty Gallery in Eaglehawk.  

$60 - $280

Psychotherapy for Creative Development.

As Helen is both an artist and psychologist, she has a wealth of knowledge and experience about the creative process and the emotional and mental roadblocks that can get in its way.  With over 20 years experience working as a therapist, she can discuss your needs so that together you can work out the type of therapy or mentoring you require, the frequency and costs and the potential benefits.  Although face-to-face sessions are preferred, phone or Skype sessions can also be arrange from Tuesday - Friday.

$200 per 50 minute session plus cost of interstate or international phone calls.